Branding, UI & UX

RecRoom App

AwesomenessTV is a Los Angeles based media company responsible for developing some of YouTube’s top stars. Looking to create a casually free-flowing video chat app, AwesomenessTV enlisted us to develop the branding and UI design behind Recroom.


We developed a light-hearted brand identity that was vibrant and inviting, staying true to the name “rec” room which is a play on the words recording and recreation. Imagining rec rooms made us nostalgic for ‘80s video games and inspired the boldly heavy geometric typeface and iconography.

Logo Exploration
Final Direction

The App

AwesomenessTV provided the basic prototype to use as our interactive wireframe for this app. We provided extensive UX feedback and added various new interactive features such as the floating, material designed-inspired Add Topic button, in keeping with the latest user accessibly trends.

App Color Palette

The colors are eye-catching, dynamic, and flexible. Topic background color is represented by the rectangle while the circle represents topic font color.


We kept the patterns playfully unconventional to match the vibrant color palette. The patterns had to be monochromatic and subtle to avoid clashing with the topic and its readability.


We chose a bold type to compliment the logo typeface and ensure that the topics showed a clear contrast to stand out against the bright colors.


User Journey

When it comes to the user experience we recommend that the process be short, sweet and intuitive. This was accomplished by making the UX comparable to similar social media video response apps.

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